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Artist Statement

I work in sequences where my images are connected by theme rather than place or time.

I see myself as a story teller as opposed to someone documenting life.
By having my sequences be connected by theme, my images are taken out of context and form a new curated narrative somewhere between fact and fiction.
This conversation between reality and story is often key in my approach to photography.

The themes of my work all come from a need to talk about the presence of our mortality.
I am fascinated by how we spend our time and through those choices what we deem a valuable life.
What is worth living for and what is the right way to live?
In an aim to look at ‘the meaning of life’, or rather what gives our lives meaning, my work is often concerned with the extremes.
I try to look at life on the spectrum by investigating the tension between the domesticated and the wild.

This tension is also often seen in the space between creation and destruction and in the sexual space between genders.
The subject of power is also often on display as well as the question of what outlives us and what we outlive.
Given these themes my work often includes heavily loaded imagery and occasionally plays with clichés as a way of tapping into our dreams, fears and preconceived ideas about the world.

Even though these themes are about society my focus remains on the human condition of the individual. 

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