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Fool's Island

Fool’s Island’ is an investigation into how we live our lives and what we choose to assign value in relation to our mortality and the knowledge or denial of having limited time. In a search for the shared human experience of trying to balance the domesticated and the wild this photographic essay portrays the tension of living on this spectrum as seen both through the eyes of the individual and the political choices of the group.


It is a look at the animal living in our homes between our furniture. That animal being a pet we have tamed, the unwelcome wild creeping in through the cracks in the floor or the untamed in ourselves.

Fool’s Island'  is a photographic series created since 2015 and is based on theme rather than place or time. Despite having been created in 10 different countries the images are place unspecific. The images have been created with a documentary approach but by taking them out of context they form their own stories and tales somewhere between fact and fiction, confessions and questions, a mumbling fool, king of the Island.


A journey to examine not ‘the meaning of life’ but what gives life meaning.

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